Bra fit measurement maternity & nursing bra fit tips

For late pregnancy and after delivery, choose a bra with proper support to help you feel more comfortable and less fatigued.

  • Select a bra with convenient, easy access to the breast that allows for skin-to-skin contact when you nurse your baby.
  • A front closure bra can be very helpful.
  • Shop for a maternity/nursing bra during the final weeks of your pregnancy as your breasts will continually change as you near your due date.
  • Keep in mind you may have to choose a bra that fits well now, knowing that you may need to change to another size later on.
  • Adjustable back closures will offer optimum comfort as well as the most flexibility in fit.
  • Wide, cushioned, non-stretch, adjustable shoulder straps will provide support without digging into your shoulders.
  • Health care professionals recommend buying two or three maternity/nursing bras, so you can have a fresh, clean bra every day.
  • It may be tough to find one bra style that meets all these requirements.   Decide what's most important to you and go from there.

Recommended Bra Styles for Nursing/Maternity

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